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Titles of Books
Black Male's Survival Manual
Empowering Black Women
Making Peace in Your Marriage
A Door Of Hope For The Wounded Black Family
Parenting with Pleasure
Golden Keys to Black Family Relationships
Why Not ME?
They Stole It, But You Must Return It
Roots Race & Religion
Vol. 1, 2 & 3
People of Color In The Bible (Volume 1)
People of Color In The Bible Coloring Book Collection
The Original African Heritage Study Bible
Classical Africa
Steps To Christ (news print)
Steps To Christ (regular print)

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The Black Male's Survival Manual: ($11.50)
This book is a strategy for helping the embattled black male to win. After decades of living and working in the Black community, Dr. Jones takes a review of the Black male and his needs. He goes beyond highlighting the crisis, but boldly and courageously tells us what we need. We invite you to dig into this gold mine of insights to add to your arsenal of offensive strategies.

Empowering Black Women: ($16.00)
This book helps the African-American woman to better understand herself, to improve the quality of her relationships, to acquire more effective problem-solving, decision-making and coping skills as well as a host of others things.

  Making Peace in Your Marriage: ($13.00)
Distorted thinking and faulty beliefs can create intense feelings of dissatisfaction within a marriage. Pertinent themes like making peace with your past, when victims marry, how men and women compare and critical concerns of married women are candidly discussed as are numerous other topics.

A Door Of Hope For The Wounded Black Family: ($15.00)
This book intervenes in problematic relationships. It explores the rich African heritage. It examines the impact of the slavery experience & offers numerous strategies to help improve self-concept & interpersonal relationships.

Parenting with Pleasure: ($15.00)
This book deals with two main issues that concern parents today: 1) The spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual & physical needs of parents and 2) The needs of children. Concrete suggestions are given to help parents understand their child's growth & development. Parenting strategies are also given.

Golden Keys to Black Family Relationships: ($11.00)
Provides a refreshing, practical view of God's law and how they promote loving harmonious relationships particularly within the African-American family. This volume focuses on the concepts of family dynamics and precepts, the two great rules for love and the ten principles of right living.


Why Not ME?
By: Gladys Milton

This is the personal story of a courageous & compassionate woman & an account of her life’s effort to provide women with affordable health care. After 33 years of service, the State wanted to revoke her midwife license.
ISBN # 0913990-87-6
Cat. # WN-10..$10.00

They Stole It, But You Must Return It: ($10.00)
This is an excellent manual for the Black community. It looks at black slavery in America, and how this experience has affected the family & health of Black Americans today. It offers suggestions regarding how the Black family can become stronger & its members healthier.

Roots Race & Religion
Volumes 1, 2 & 3:
($21.00 per set)
This three volume set shows the many meaningful contributions blacks have made to society in all avenues of human achievements. The reader will share the trials & triumphs of our foreparents as they took the difficult trail from the plantation in search of the future Paradise.


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People of Color In The Bible (Volume 1) Establishing A Foundation: ($15.00)
Through the use of maps, charts, scripture quotations, genealogies, geography and historical documentation, Dr. Emanuel identifies numerous People of Color In The Bible. Additionally, he cites their contributions to biblical history. People Of Color In The Bible is unique due to its extensive use of graphics. This book is framed in easy-to-read language and it contains over 250 scripture quotations. This volume contains ten or more quiz questions for each of its seven chapters. These questions are suitable for class work, homework and/or examination purposes, thus rendering this work an excellent TEXTBOOK for home schools, church schools and Sunday schools. It's also a superb resource for in-depth personal Bible study. Colleges and academies use this work as a supplemental textbook for World History, World Literature, African-American History courses and for Old and New Testament classes too!

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People of Color In The Bible Work Book/Coloring Book Collection:
By William and Renee Emanuel

  The Creation Story Set: (3 book set @ $9.00 per set)
BOOK ONE: In The Beginning;
BOOK TWO: Adam and Eve;
BOOK THREE: The Garden Of Eden.
This collection masterfully reveals that the Holy Bible is more than a book of religious instruction -- and so much more.
In this series, geography, history, science, astronomy, zoology, chemistry and health are cleverly explored. Over 100 scripture references are included. Discover not only what God created, but His possible reasons for doing so. Learn planetary names and bird identification clues. Learn why it's important to drink water, why we need sunlight and a host of other things. Each volume is complete with supplemental quiz questions. These questions are suitable for class work, homework and/or examination purposes, thus rendering this work an excellent TEXTBOOK for home schools, church schools, vacation bible schools and Sunday schools. Intended for children in the primary and intermediate grade levels.

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The Original African Heritage Study Bible:
King James Version ($55.00)
This Bible interprets biblical history as it relates specifically to persons of African descent thereby fostering an appreciation of multi-culturalism which is inherent in the Bible. "People of color" are visually depicted throughout its pages.

Steps To Christ:
(Newsprint $2.00 and regular print $8.00)
What are the STEPS that lead to a full and intimate relationship with God? This resourceful book has the answers.

Classical Africa: ($27.00)
By: Dr. Molefi Kete Asante
Long before the Greeks and Romans ,six classical civilization existed in Africa: Kemet, Nubia, Axum Ghana, Mali and Songhay. Drawing on oral as well as written histories, this important text describes the many diverse cultures, languages, and societies of an Africa never before explored.
ISBN: 1-56256-900-7
Cat. # CA--27


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