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Calendar Of Events for Year 2022-2023
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The People of Color Training & Research Institute
287 Mount Zion Road
Saint George, SC 29477

(717) 435-4715

List of Presentations:

1) "True Education vs Mis-Education and its effects on Society"

2 ) "Healthful Living in today's Society"

3) "Motivational Talk for College Students"

4 ) "Addressing Math anxiety"

5) "Our Health in Light of Current Events"

6) "People Of Color In The Bible"

7) "Mis-Education in the African-American Community"

8 ) "Motivational Talk for Black Males "

9 ) "Health, Science & The Bible"

10 ) "Last Days Events In Light of Current Events"

11) "Motivational Talk for The Youth"

12 ) "African Wholistic Education"

13 ) "An Ancient African Holistic Approach to Health"

14) Tobacco and Your Health

15) Manhood Training Retreat

16 ) "Diseases and it's Causes "

17)"What does the Bible tell us about God's Diet for Humans?"

18 ) "Cleansing Programs"

19) What Diet was given to us in the Garden of Eden and After the Fall?

Nationwide by appointment

(717) 435-4715

Excerpts from Letters of Recommendations:

William Emanuel "has spent several years in his vocational first love, viz. exploring Bible traditions as having direct bearing upon the distinct past condition of and future hope for persons of African descent. William Emanuel's book is particularly helpful in its focus on Bible passages, use of charts and presentation of supportive color graphics." - Dr. Cain Hope Felder Ph.D., Howard University School of Divinity -

“Doctor William Emanuel has produced an illuminating and dynamic resource with ‘ People of Color in the Bible.’ This book along with the accompanying teaching video provides a powerful resource for understanding the contribution made by People of Color throughout the development of man. This book should be read by Pastors and laymen.” -Bishop Lovell Wilson, Former Executive Pastor Maranatha Community Church of God-

"In no uncertain terms, I believe this book should be 'REQUIRED READING' for both young and old of today, regardless of race... This book provides the answer and solution to Black America's problem, i.e. identity." - Dr. Dwight Eric Haynes Ph.D. in Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages, Former Adjunct Professor at Oakwood College -

"I have been trying to spark the students' interest in just such areas and you have gone a long way in helping me with this." - Mr. Todd Mcfadden, Former Director of the African-American Cultural Center at Towson State University -

"Thanks so much for your presentation on People Of Color In The Bible... Our campus became imbued with a new thirst for knowledge of African people's connection to the Bible." - Dr. R. Meade Walker Ph.D., LeMoyne - Owen College -
"It has proven to be an excellent resource for those who are interested in learning more about the Bible and African heritage. Emanuel attempts to fill the void that has for too long existed in biblical and historical studies. People Of Color In The Bible is a work that informs and challenges. I enthusiastically endorse and recommend this work." - Dr. Kenneth Hill, Ph.D., Former Executive Secretary of the AME Christian Education Dept. -
"Dr. William Emanuel has produced an outstanding book... Excellent research and documentation of Biblical data are sure to inform and inspire the reader. He has also produced a professional video tape which is a good teaching aid for churches, preachers and lay leaders." - Kenneth Dupree, Former Director of Pub., National Baptist Publishing Board -
"I have found a valuable resource in William Emanuel. He has generated two outstanding resources: People Of Color In The Bible and a video presentation. These resources will capture your imagination and in awe, you will discover information that you perhaps did not know." - Clyde Anderson, Former Area Executive Secretary of East Africa Office, World Division of The United Methodist Church -
"People Of Color In The Bible is one of the most informative pieces of literature I've had the pleasure of reading. I feel that the facts in this book should be taught in every church in America; Biblical truth is the only solution to healing the attitude of racial hatred that have infiltrated Christianity." - Pastor Emanuel J. Oliver, Assistant Pastor of the Assembly Of God and Former Director of the Teen Challenge Training Center -
"Both, were superbly researched and documented theologically and historically. It is the most in-depth scholarly research... that I have seen." -Dr. John H. Elliott, Pastor of the Shady Grove United Methodist Church-