“ People Of Color In The Bible”

Name of Presenter: William Emanuel

Title: Director

Organization: The Faith of Jesus Center
935 Marion Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(301) 791-5776

Title of Presentation: “ People Of Color In The Bible”

Audiovisual Needs: Screen, slide projector & overhead projector.


William Emanuel shows that the Bible & Africa are inseparably linked together through geography, culture and history. When studying the Bible, one is in fact studying numerous, vital aspects of African history. In his workshop, Mr. Emanuel identifies numerous ancient African civilizations, documents their presence in the Bible & cites their contributions to science & the arts. One cannot truly understand the Bible without understanding African geography and history.


To correct erroneous information regarding African History. To provide a historical platform upon which to build positive self-esteem & leadership. To acquaint African-Americans with their rich heritage and legacy ... most of which has been systematically concealed.


*Archeological findings, genetic studies and Biblical references prove that the first people on Earth were Africans.

* African-Hebrew connections & contributions to Judaism & Christianity.

* Ancient Africa’s superiority in regards to engineering, science & architecture as revealed by the Great Pyramid, Solomon’s Temple & The Sphinx.

* Examples of Biblical personalities who were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, People Of Color including King David, King Solomon, The Apostle Paul, Moses, Jesus and others.

* Biblical clues revealing the African origin of people in the Holy Land which have been ignored by European scholars for centuries.