Mis-Education in the African-American Community

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Name of Presenter: William Emanuel

Title: Title: Director of the People of Color Training and Research Institute

Organization: The People of Color Training & Research Institute
250 Westwood Drive 
York, PA 17404

(717) 435-4715

Title of Presentation:Mis-Education in the African-American Community

Audiovisual Needs: TV, VCR, screen, computer & overhead projector.


William Emanuel reveal President Roosevelt’s purpose in commissioning Hollywood to be the official vehicle for disseminating propaganda in the USA during WWII. He shows how propaganda and institutionalized racism has been used to brainwash the entire American public & to destroy the People of Color Communities including the African-American and the Native American community. Additionally, this couple offers effective strategies for countering this onslaught.


To reveal the insidiousness of propaganda & to describe the process & nature of true education. To provide an African Wholistic Educational platform upon which to build positive self-esteem. To acquaint the audience with resource materials & techniques that will aid them in the process of re-educating themselves.


* Documents a short history of propaganda.

* Documents how Europeans & Americans have used propaganda to forge the WILL of entire nations during World War II.

* Documents how institutionalized racism destroys creativity & creates self-hatred in the African-American and Native -American people.

* Shows how the utilization of an African Wholistic Educational Teaching Approach can promote positive self-esteem & awaken latent powers of creativity in our youth, adults and children.

Click hear to get a List of 5 Minutes Bites on this Workshop