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Course: People of Color In the Bible
Instructor: Professor Emanuel
Telephone: 717-
Class offered: To be announced
Semester Year: 2020 - 2021

To register for the People of Color In the Bible class we will need the following information:
1) Emailed to us, at
2) Your name,
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Associated donation:
At this time we are asking for a $5 donation for the e-workbook & for everyone, each week to send a donation of at less $15 for
attending the class.

Items Donation 
e-workbook $5.00
Bible Study Audio $10.00
Webinar Class $15.00
Webinar Video $20.00

Address the check or money order to:

The People of Color Training Center
250 Westwood Drive
York, PA 17404
(717) 435-4715

Course Description:
Professor Emanuel shows that the Bible & Africa are inseparably linked together through geography, culture and history. When studying the Bible, one is in fact studying numerous, vital aspects of African history. In his workshop, Professor Emanuel identifies numerous ancient African civilizations, documents their presence in the Bible & cites their contributions to science & the arts. One cannot truly understand the Bible without understanding African geography and history.

Course Text Book:
People of Color In the Bible Volume 1:

Student Learning Outcomes:
We pray that everyone receives a blessing for attending the class.
Students will learn how to study the Bible in depth.
Students will learn how to due research
with the Bible.
Students will be able to correlate the Old and New Testament together as one.
Students will be able to understand who were the people in the Bible.

Course Objective:
To correct erroneous information regarding African History. To provide a historical platform upon which to build positive self-esteem & leadership. To acquaint African-Americans with their rich heritage and legacy ... most of which has been systematically concealed.

Course Policies:
We ask everyone to do their homework before and after each class. The teacher will assign homework after each class. We require everyone to study the material before attending the class each week so that everyone might get the most out of the class.

Each class has its own required material that was designed for the class. Each person will need to purchase their own book, videos or charts for each class. Call the Center's Bookstore to find out what materials are need for each class, (717) 435-4715.

Course Content:
*Archeological findings, genetic studies and Biblical references prove that the first people on Earth were Africans.

* African-Hebrew connections & contributions to Judaism & Christianity.

* Ancient Africa’s superiority in regards to engineering, science & architecture as revealed by the Great Pyramid, Solomon’s Temple & The Sphinx.

* Examples of Biblical personalities who were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, People Of Color including King David, King Solomon, The Apostle Paul, Moses, Jesus and others.

* Biblical clues revealing the African origin of people in the Holy Land which have been ignored by European scholars for centuries.

If you attend of the class, please email us:
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2) Your questions

Thank you and enjoy the class.

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