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Official Course Syllabus

The times for all Inter-Active Class are in Eastern Standard Time.

Course: A Complete Approach to Health
Instructor: Professor Emanuel
Telephone: 717-
Class offered:
To be announced
EMAIL: emanuel@esnscorp.com
Semester Year: 2018 - 2019

To register for the People of Color In the Bible class we will need the following information:
1) Emailed to us, at
2) Your name,
3) Home address, with city, state, zip code,
4) Age with Birth Date
5) Email Address,
6) Home phone number
7) Cell phone number.

Associated Cost:
At this time we are asking everyone each week to send in
tithes and offering, or donation  for attending the class. Address the check or money order to:

The People of Color Training Center
250 Westwood Drive
York, PA 17404
(717) 435-4715

Course Description:
Professor Emanuel
differentiates between the "usual" American diet & a healthy diet. He shows how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help one maintain/ regain good health. Highlighted are various natural remedies proven successful in cases of high blood pressure, cancer & Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) to name a few.


Course Material:
We have CDs and DVDs on Health.

Student Learning Outcomes:
We pray that everyone receives a blessing for attending the class.
Students will learn how to study Health in depth.
Students will learn how to due research
on Health.
Students will be able to correlate how Health relates to the whole person
Students will be able to understand the Laws of Health

Course Objective:
To correct erroneous ideas regarding what constitutes a "good" diet and "good" health. To acquaint people with simple dietary changes which can significantly improve their lives.

Course Policies:
We ask everyone to do their homework before and after each class. The teacher will assign homework after each class. We require everyone to study the material before attending the class each week so that everyone might get the most out of the class.

Each class has its own required material that was designed for the class. Each person will need to purchase their own materials for each class. Call the Center's Bookstore to find out what materials are need for each class, (717) 435-4715.

Course Content:
* Explains how a raw food diet & oxygen therapies have been used to heal people with cancer.

* Explains how sugar destroys the immune system & creates A.D.D. in our youth.

* Explains how getting proper amounts of sunlight can reduce high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels & also increase one's ability to handle stress.

* Explains how internal parasites affect our health. Shows how to kill the parasites in the body.

If you attend of the class, please email us:
1) Your comments about the class
2) Your questions

Thank you and enjoy the class.

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