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1) Health

a) Introduction to the Laws of Health

b) Understanding Health as it Effects Our Mental, Spiritual and Physical Being

c) Ten Day Oxygen Therapy Cleanse

d) The Beginners series on the 9 Laws and Pathways to Health

e) Health, Science and the Bible

f. Healthful Living in today's Society

g. Diseases and Its Causes

h. Health, Science & The Bible

i. An Ancient African Holistic Approach to Health

j. Why are Americans so Sick?

2) Bible

a) Is Africa In The Bible? If so Where?

b) Where was the Garden of Eden?

c) Who were the Original Humans on earth?

d) Last Days Events in Light of Current Events

e) People of Color In the Bible Volume 1: Establishing a Foundation

f) What is the New World Order? 

g) The Last Generation and A Perfected People

h) The 7 Seals of Revelation

i) How Could 7 Trumpets and 7 Vials of Revelation Occur?

j) Who was Adam and Eve?

k) Revelation vs. The Gospels

l) God’s “Appointed Times” - Sealed in “Daniel” but unsealed or revealed in the Book of “Revelation,”

m) Historical View of Revelations

n) The Battle of Armageddon

o) 70 weeks of Daniel

p) The Second Coming and The Rapture are they the same Event?

q) Christ’s Millennial Reign

r) A Correlation of Scriptures, giving Chorological Order to Last Days Events, using: Revelation, The Gospels, Daniel, The Sanctuary Services, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets

s) Introduction into God's (El-o-Him’s) Prophetic Time Table Revealed Through the Sanctuary Services

t) The Last Generation and a Perfected People

u) Last Days Events in Chorological Order using the Gospels

3) Family

a) "Motivational Talk for College Students"

b ) "Addressing Math anxiety"

5) "People Of Color In The Bible"

6) "Mis-Education in the African-American Community"

7 ) "Motivational Talk for Black Males "

4) History

a) People Of Color In The Bible Volume I: Preliminaries: Establishing A Foundation

b) Who were the Original Humans on earth?

5) Education

a) True Education vs Mis-Education in Our Communities and its Effects on Our Society

6) Ancient African Teachings

a) Does the World Revolve around Africa's Physical, Mental and Spiritual Resources?

7) Examining Forgotten Books of the Bible

a) We go through archeological findings, genetic studies and Biblical references proving that the first people on Earth were Africans.

b) What is the Ancient Classical African-Hebrew connections?

c) What is the Foundation of Judaism & Christianity?

d) Who were the Ancients?

e) Were the Ancients superiority to us in regards to engineering, science & architecture as revealed by the Great Pyramid, Solomon's Temple & The Sphinx.

f) Examples of Biblical personalities who were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, People Of Color including King David, King Solomon, The Apostle Paul, Moses, Jesus and others.

g) Biblical clues revealing the Classical African origin of people in the Holy Land, which have been ignored by European scholars for centuries.

A List of Organizations we have spoken at or made Presentations to

Howard University's Biblical Institute For Social Change (BISC) Symposium

Towson State University

Maryland State University at College Park

Association for Black Culture Centers (ABCC)

LeMoyne-Owen College

Penn. Black Conference on Higher Education

Tenn. State University 4th Annual Africana Studies Conference

African Heritage Studies Association (AHSA) Conference

Oakwood College Alumni for Black Educators

Rust College's National African-American Student Leadership Conference

The National Council on Educating Black Children: Mid-Western Region

The National Sankofa Council on Educating African American Children

3rd Annual Conference for Independent Schools

Black Caucus of the American Library Association

The International State of the Race Conference

AME East Tenn. Sunday School Convocation

AME Lay Organizational Convocation

International Black Lutheran Family Ministry Convocation

Shady Grove's Annual United Methodist Camp meeting

Southern Union Ministerium Conference

Southeastern SDA Teachers' Convention

The South Central Conference Annual Camp meeting

Pine Forge Academy