Here are a few testimonies about the 10 day cleansing Program after people have finished going through the 10 day cleanse.

Names of People:
Kim Peoples
Drew Smith age 53
Tammy MacRae
Dak Lavala
Mrs Lavla

Click on one the the problems you or a love one might have and hear/see the testimony of what God can do for you, when you follow God's Program for Healthy living.

1 ) Acid Reflux

2) High Choleserol, Sinus and Acid Reflux Problems
Are you taking:
for cholesterol,
for acid reflux,
or Flonazes for sinus

3) Arthritis, Stress, Allergies and Poor Circulation

4) Pain during exercising, chest discomfort, shortness of breath,
joint pain, headaches, weight problem, and problem sleeping

5) Back Pain, STRONG cravings for unhealthy foods, menstrual cramps, nails and hair grew more rapidly