"An Ancient African Holistic Approach to Health "

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Name of Presenter: Dr. Emanuel

Title: Director of POC

Organization: The People of Color Training & Research Institute
250 Westwood Drive 
York, PA 17404
(717) 435-4715

Title of Presentation: “An Ancient African Holistic Approach to Health”

Audiovisual Needs: Screen, slide projector & overhead projector.


Dr. Emanuel introduces people to the Ancient African Holistic Approach to Health that was used in the ancient world to nurture and develop the “entire” person: mind, body & spirit, simultaneously. He explains how the 1st diet introduced to humans was a Raw Food Diet. He shows how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help one maintain/ regain good health. Highlighted are various natural remedies proven successful in cases of high blood pressure, cancer & Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) to name a few.


To acquaint people with the Ancient African-Holistic approach to health. To show how we can benefit from Africa’s natural & spiritual insights as it relates to health. To describe the behavioral changes noted in people having been exposed to African Holistic Health. This can be employed in simple dietary changes which can significantly improve people's lives.To correct erroneous ideas regarding what constitutes a “good” diet and “good” health.


* Explains how the 1st diet given to humans was a Raw Food Diet

* How the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle incorporated 8 Natural Laws found in the Universe

* Practical ways to implement these Ancient African 8 Laws of Health

* Explains how a Raw Food Diet & oxygen therapies have been used to heal people

* Principles of healthful living

* Explains how sugar destroys the immune system & creates A.D.D. in our youth.

* Explains how getting proper amounts of sunlight can reduce high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels & also increase one’s ability to handle stress.


Dr. Emanuel will attempt to show how the Ancient African lifestyle with the 7 NTRs found in the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle is related to 8 Laws of Nature. Also how NTR stand for Nature’s Laws. As one begins to live in harmony with these Laws of Nature then will they begin to press toward optimum health laid out in the Creator’s design for humans. He understands that the 7 NTRs are also referred to as the 7 spirits of God (El-o-him).

According to the book “The Way of Hermes,” (new translations of the Corpus Hermeticum), this ancient African Text informs us that we should learn at least 3 things while we are on earth: This can be found in book (treatise) 1, entitled “Poimandres to Hermes Trismegistus,” paragraph 3 and 6.

  1. To know the things that are
  2. To understand their Nature
  3. To know God (El-o-him)
    a. To perceive the Light
    b. To know the Light

Today we are going to attempt to know and understand Nature and the things that are in existence. While doing this we will begin to perceive and know the Light and God (El-o-him). This is the Ancient Africans Holistic Approach to Health that nurture and develop the “entire” person: mind, body & spirit, simultaneously.

The 8 Natural Laws of Health vs. the Egyptian NTR (The 7 spirits)

8 Natural Laws -----------------------------Egyptian NTR

  • Pure air ---------------------------------------Shu ( earth’s wind), Nut (atmosphere)
  • Pure water -----------------------------------Tefnut (moisture, water)
  • Natural diet (Nutrition) -----------------Man.t (daily food) Ma-net
  • Sunlight -------------------------------------- Ra (Light, sun)
  • Exercise Working Out -------------------- Sheti (to work out)
  • Temperance (self control) ---------------- Hebai arsh (self control)
  • Trust in Divine Power --------------------- Tchaas (to know the power of God


Why are Americans so sick?

  • Because we have not learned:
  • What is the true purpose of food?
  • Why was food created?
  • How does the law of health affect me?
  • What are the basic laws of health?
  • How can we keep or follow these laws of health?

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With any Law

  • They were design for our protection and preservation.
  • The more knowledge we have of these laws the more we can live in harmony with them.
  • Knowledge is a powerful thing in the right hands.


Living in harmony with the Law

  • When we understand these laws we can live in harmony with them and prosper by them.
  • The basic laws of health were design to preserve life not to destroy life.


Not understanding the law

  • Not knowing these laws puts us at a great disadvantage in obeying them.
  • If we do not understand these basic laws we wind up getting into trouble with these laws or getting sick.
  • We find the laws that were created for our protection are destroying us.


In this presentation, we will learn

  • How to properly use and implement 8 laws of health that were given to us by God.
  • These 8 laws of health were given to us by our Creator (Designer).
  • So if we can find out what they are and how to use them then we will be able to prevent disease and maintain better health.


The 8 laws of health

  • Pure air,
  • Pure water,
  • Natural diet (Nutrition)
  • Sunlight
  • Exercise
  • Temperance
  • Rest
  • Trust in Divine Power


These 8 laws of health will grant you better health

  • God equipped His CREATION with all the tools necessary to heal our physical diseases.

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