“ Addressing Math Anxiety”

Name of Presenter: William Emanuel

Title: Director of the People of Color Training Center

Organization: The People of Color Training & Research Institute
250 Westwood Drive 
York, PA 17404
(717) 435-4715

Title of Presentation: “Addressing Math Anxiety”

Audiovisual Needs: TV, VCR, screen, slide projector & overhead projector.


Professor Emanuel describes his experience with a student who had a learning disorder at a Community College he tutored in the fall of 2004. At first the student did not like math and wanted to do the minimum. But at the time of his finals he wanted to work more problems than what the teacher was requiring of him. He felt that he was empowered to do mathematics at the end of the semester



He discusses the problems that confront youth and adults growing up in America. He gives them ways to dealt with these obstacles. Moreover he assures his listeners that they can become whatever they want despite the odds.


* Helping one understand math like one understands speaking and writing.

* Help one understand how math is used to run cars, turn on lights and many other practical things we do in life.

* Help people understand how he/she can calculate the mileage for a trip and how much money to bring with them so they can get back home without running out of money.

* Showing the need for higher education in the running of this society.

* He will describe how the Ancient Egyptians used mathematics to build the Great Pyramid & The Sphinx.

* He shows how the Ancient Africa’s superiority in regards to engineering, science & architecture is also available to us today.

* Testimonies from students.



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