Passover 10 Day Oxygen Therapy
Cleanse Program

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"10 Day Oxygen Therapy Cleanse Program"
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Brief Description of Workshop

"10 Day Oxygen Therapy Cleanse will deal
with our Disease and its Causes"


William Emanuel differentiates between the "usual" American diet & a healthy diet. He shows how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help one maintain/ regain good health. Highlighted are various natural remedies proven successful in cases of high blood pressure, cancer & Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) to name a few.


To correct erroneous ideas regarding what constitutes a "good" diet and "good" health. To acquaint people with simple dietary changes which can significantly improve their lives.


* Explains how a raw food diet & oxygen therapies have been used to heal people with cancer.
* Explains how sugar destroys the immune system & creates A.D.D. in our youth.
* Explains how getting proper amounts of sunlight can reduce high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels & also increase one's ability to handle stress.
* Explains how internal parasites affect our health. Shows how to kill the parasites in the body.