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Delicious Jamaica
Yvonne M. Sobers
Out of a diverse mix of foods, spices & cultures has come this wonderful array of tempting dishes as lively as the people of Jamaica themselves.
ISBN # 1570670218
Catalog # DJ-12...$12.00

    From the Global Kitchen
A collection of vegetarian re-cipes from Plenty International. Native dishes from Caribbean, Africa, Sri Lanka, Native, Central & North America
ISBN # 1570670064
Catalog # GK-12....$12.00

Flavors of India
Shanta N. Sacharoff
She is a lifelong vegetarian born in the state of Gujarat in northwest India. You will find helpful information on the spices & other ingredients.
ISBN # 1570670234
Catalog # FI-13.....$13.00

  Indian Vegetarian Cooking
Sunrtra Boger, M.D.
Learn the secrets of authentic West Indian cuisine from native a born cook. Enjoy your favorite Indian dishes at home. ISBN # 1570670048
Catalog # IV-13.....$13.00

A Taste of Mexico
Kippy Nigh
She is owner of La Casa del Pan, a vegetarian bakery & restaurant in Chiapas, Mexico (figured in the August 1996 issue of National Geographic). ISBN # 1570670285
Catalog # TM-1.....$14.00

  Flavors of the Southwest
Robert Oser
This book is a wonderful fusion of Spanish & Native American ingredients & cooking methods. With the use of vegetarian foods such as tofu & tempeh in traditional meat dishes & sun-dried tomatoes.
ISBN # 1570670498
Catalog # FS-13......$13.00

Flavors of Korea
Y. Ramsay & D. Davis
Korean food is flavorful, from soothingly mild to poquantly pleasing, & a delight to the eye as well. Now you can enjoy traditional Korean favorities adapted to be low fat.
ISBN # 1570670536
Catalog # FK-13.......$13.00


  From the Tables of Lebanon
Dr. Abbas & Dalal Holmin
Much of the best of Lebanese cuisine is vegetarian & since the use of olive oil is so extensive, it is also one of the most heart healthy, cancer preventing diets known. ISBN # 1570670404
Catalog # TL-13.....$13.00

Tofu Quick & Easy
Louise Hagler
The weight conscious, as well as the newcomer to vegetarian cuisine, you will enjoy these delicious, easy-to-prepare dishes
ISBN # 0913990507
Catalog # TQ-9...$9.00

  Tofu Cookery
Louise Hagler
.Tofu Cookery is the most beautiful & useful tofu cook book on the market & a best seller for over 10 years.
ISBN # 0913990760
Catalog # TC-16...$16.00

Soyfoods Cookery
Louise Hagler
A vegan cook book. Versatile soyfoods can enhance your everyday meals in so many delici-ous, healthful, & simple ways. Tasty soyfoods offer a readily available source of high protein.
ISBN # 1570670226
Catalog # SC-10...$10.00



Lighten Up!
Louise Hagler
A vegan cookbook. Learn simple, light, & healthful ways to prepare tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein & gluten.
ISBN # 1570670110
Catalog # LU-12...$12.00

Tofu & Soyfoods
Peter Golbitz
These 125 recipes have been selected from the works of some of the world’s leading soyfood chefs & some of his creation as well.
ISBN # 1570670501
Catalog # TS-13...$13.00



The Uncheese Cookbook
Joanne Stepaniak
A Vegan cookbook. Create non-dairy substitutes for many of your favorite cheeses right in your own kitchen.
ISBN # 0913990426
Catalog # UC-12.....$12.00

Vegan Vittles
Joanne Stepaniak
Yours for the making are Salami, Pepperoni, Pastrami, bagels, Classic Quiche, Stuffed Omelets, Sherbet, Orange Buttermilk & much more.
ISBN # 1570670250
Catalog # VV-12...$12.00



Nutritional Yeast Cookbook
Joanne Stepaniak
It is rich in B vitimins, & B12. This cookbook contains over 100 recipes using nutritional yeast to create wonderful substitutes for cheese sauces, sliceable cheese & metlable for toppings & pizza.
ISBN # 1570670382
Catalog # NY-10........$10.00

Foods that cause us to Lose Weight
Neal Barnard M.D.
A vegan cookbook. Nutritionists have discovered that certain foods have an incredible effect that can cause you to lose weight without stressful dieting or painful exercise.
ISBN 18823330315
Catalog # LW-12......$12.00



Vegetarian Cooking for People with Diabetes
Patricia Leshane
A vegan cookbook. These easy-to-prepare meals help make the transition to eating low-fat, less-refined foods a pleasure.
ISBN # 0913990221
Catalog # PD-11........$11.00

Vegetarian Cooking for People with Allergies
Raphael Rettner, DC
If you have a sensitivity to wheat products, dairy food, yeasted goods or others food. Enjoy these alternatives without the foods that cause allergies.
ISBN # 1570670455
Catalog # VPA-13...$13.00



Lighten Up!
Louise Hagler
A vegan cookbook. Learn simple, light, & healthful ways to prepare tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein & gluten.
ISBN # 1570670110
Catalog # LU-12...$12.00

Becoming Vegetarian
Written by 3 highly qualified dietitians & thoroughly reseached to give you the latest nutritional information for optimum health.
ISBN # 1570670137
Cat. # BV-16....$16.00



Kids Can Cook
Dorothy Bates
A basic cookbook for the young chef. The recipes highlight healthful foods kids like to eat & cook themselves. For 10 & up.
ISBN # 0913990582
Catalog # NF-13...$13.00

Spritual Midwifery
Ina May Gaskin
The classic book on home birth. The 1st section details the experiences of parents & midwives during the birth experience. the 2nd section is a techinical manual for midwives, nurses & doctors.
ISBN # 0913990639
Catalog # SM-17....$17.00



A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control
Margaret Nofziger
A safe, non-invasive & effective method of birth control based on the recording & interpretation of signs & signals from a woman’s own body. Recommended by family planning centers
ISBN # 0913990221
Catalog # BC-07........$7.00

Cooking With PETA
PETA has been one of the foremost organizations advocting compassion for animals. Tips on replacing eggs & dairy products in cooking & cooking healthful vegan foods that kids will actually eat.
ISBN # 1570670447
Catalog # PET-15......$15.00



The Now & Zen Epicure
Miyoko Nishimoto
A land mark collection of vegetarian recipes inspired by the best of French & Japamese traditions
ISBN # 0913990787
Catalog # NZ-18..........$18.00

Soyfoods Cookery
Louise Hagler
A vegan cook book. Versatile soyfoods can enhance your everyday meals in so many delici-ous, healthful, & simple ways. Tasty soyfoods offer a readily available source of high protein.
ISBN # 1570670226
Catalog # SC-10...$10.00



The Almost No-Fat Holiday Cookbook
Bryann C. Grogan
She presents menus for a comprehensive selction of holiday meals, from New Years to Kwanzaa, Pasover, to Ramadan & etc.
ISBN # 1570670099
Catalog # NH-13.......$13.00

The Almost No-Fat Cookbook
Bryann C. Grogan
Here she gives us some of her everyday, low-fat recipes, recipes even non-vegetarian will enjoy.
ISBN # 0913990124
Catalog # NF-13...$13.00



Nonna’s Italian Kitchen
Bryanna Grogan
Many delicious, regional italian dishes are traditionally vegetarian, focusing on grains, legumes, vegetables, & fruit. Vegan cooking expert takes you on a tour of the tempting possibilities.
ISBN # 1570670552
Catalog # IK-13..........$13.00

20 Minutes to Dinner
Bryanna Grogan
A Vegan cookbook which get in & out of the kitchen FAST with tempting & nutritious dishes. Nutritional analyses accompany each recipe. ISBN # 0913990426
Catalog # TM-13.....$13.00



Pasta East to West
Nava Atlas
This collection of recipes by renowed vegetarian cookbook author emphasizes dishes from Asia to Italy. Also India, Mediterranean, to name a few.
ISBN # 1570670668
Cat. # PEW-15..$15.00

Table for Two
Joanne Stepaniak
These vegan recipes are quick, nutritious & easy. Most take unders 30 minutes to prepare. With just a few ingredients & simple directions, you can have the great taste of family style cooking.
ISBN 1570670196
Catalog # TT-13......$13.00



The Natural Lunchbox
Judy Brown
Vegetiarian meal for schoolwork & home. Can the kids go to school with something vegetarian in their lunch box & not feel out of place in the cafeteria? Can I fix a vegetarian lunch without spending hours? Yes & naturally.
ISBN # 1570670269
Catalog # FI-13.....$13.00

Burger ‘n Fries ‘n Cinnamon Buns
Bobbie Hinman
Feature meatless & egg-free versions of popular fast food favorites that you can now make at home: tacos, burritos & fajitas, pizza & subs; reubens & knishes.
ISBN # 0913990167
Catalog # BF-7.........$7.00



TheTVP Cookbook
Dorothy Bates
The 1st cookbook ever devoted exclusively to TVP, the low fat soyfood you can use to replace meat in your favorite recipes.
ISBN # 0913990795
Cat. # TVP-08......$8.00

Soups On!
Barb Bloomfield
A soup & muffin combination may be just the thing when it’s time to make a quick, nutritious, home cooked meal. With hearty chili to curried soup.
ISBN # 1570670471
Catalog # SO-11....$11.00

  Fabulous Beans
Barbara Bloomfield
By now we all know that beans are good for us but what to do with them. Over 12 different varieties of beans are used to create more low-fat dishes.
ISBN # 0913990175
Catalog # PP-10...$10.00

Cooking with Gluten & Seitan
Dorothy Bates
Glutten is the protein part of the wheat kernel. Seitan is the Asian term for cooked gluten. Often called wheat meat, it has been a traditional food in Asian countries for hundren of years & is gaining in popularity USA vegetarians.
ISBN # 0913990957
Catalog # GS-08....$8.00

  The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook
A classic book of soy-based & cholesterol-free recipes from some of the best cooks on “The Farm,” an international community in rurial TN.
ISBN # 0913990604
Catalog # NF-09.......$9.00

Tempeh Cookbook
Dorothy Bates
Tempeh is rich in B vitimins, iron & niacin. It is a unique cultured soy product which has been a staple food in Indonesia for centuries.
ISBN # 0913990655
Cat. # TEM-11.....$11.00

  Instead of Chicken
Karen Davis
Over 100 egg & dairy free vegetarian recipes that duplicate & convert traditional poultry & egg dishes.
ISBN # 0913990302
Catalog # IC-10...$10.00

Prisoned Chicken Poisoned Eggs
Karen Davis
Befroe you eat your next egg or chicken leg, you should read this book. It could save your life! Citintg research from poultry industry publications & studies.
ISBN # 0913990221
Catalog # PD-11...$11.00

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People of Color In The Bible Work Book/Coloring Book Collection:
By William and Renee Emanuel

  The Creation Story Set: (3 book set @ $9.00 per set)
BOOK ONE: In The Beginning;
BOOK TWO: Adam and Eve;
BOOK THREE: The Garden Of Eden.
This collection masterfully reveals that the Holy Bible is more than a book of religious instruction -- and so much more.
In this series, geography, history, science, astronomy, zoology, chemistry and health are cleverly explored. Over 100 scripture references are included. Discover not only what God created, but His possible reasons for doing so. Learn planetary names and bird identification clues. Learn why it's important to drink water, why we need sunlight and a host of other things. Each volume is complete with supplemental quiz questions. These questions are suitable for class work, homework and/or examination purposes, thus rendering this work an excellent TEXTBOOK for home schools, church schools, vacation bible schools and Sunday schools. Intended for children in the primary and intermediate grade levels.


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