Tammy McRae Testimony
about the Cleansing Program

Roughly two days into the cleansing program I began to experience real changes in the way my body operated. I immediately noticed a wealth of fresh energy every day, even though I was not eating any meat or starches/carbohydrates, the fruits and vegetables gave my body more vitality and strength.

I struggle with Acid Reflux "disease" and throughout the 10 day cleansing I did not have any problems with it. I could breath clear, no heartburn, I slept like a baby every night and normally acid reflux is most bothersome at night. I noticed clarity in my thoughts and my communion with God was enhanced and more fruitful. I was not too tired to hear God's speak to my heart regarding spiritual matters. It was actually during the 10 day cleansing program that God gave me clarity regarding my purpose and the next step in my walk toward His plan for my life!

The 10 day cleansing program has shown me the value of Romans 12:1...our bodies should be a "living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God..." I realized that cleansing our temples makes us more useful to God!!!

Thanks brother Emanuel for sharing your knowledge about health and cleansing and guiding our group carefully through the 10 cleansing program!

God Bless!!!
Tammy McRae