Supplemental Questions

Chapter 1

  1. What complexion and nationality were Adam and Eve? List two (2) reasons why you know this is true.
  2. What does Ethiopia mean?
  3. Where will you find the Garden of Eden on a world map?
  4. On what continent was Adam and Eve placed when they were created?
  5. List at least three (3) rivers which flowed from the Garden of Eden?
  6. Where was the world’s first civilization located?
  7. What name does the Bible use for the Nile River?
  8. What group of people, living today, mostly resembles the description of the people before the flood in height, in color and location?
  9. What was Nimrod’s fathers name and what countries, nations, cities and regions did Nimrod establish?
  10. What portion of the Nubian Cushite Ethiopian Empire did Nimrod rule?
  11. What part of Nimrod’s empire were the American troops fighting during Desert Storm?
  12. What countries did the sons of Ham established?
  13. Who was the continent of Africa named after?
  14. Name at least three (3) people from the Black African lineage who YHWH declared to be perfect and/or righteous?
  15. How did Job describe the color of his skin?
  16. What does Job tells us about the term “the fear of God”?
  17. Name a person in the Old Testament who was saved by grace?
  18. List at lest five (5) things that are used by the devil to entice and encourage us to follow the world?
  19. List at least five (5) Black people named in scripture who followed YHWH from their youth.
  20. What land masses today comprise Classical Africa?


Chapter 2

  1. Where did all of the major events in the Bible take place?
  2. What is the most ancient name for Egypt? What does that name mean?
  3. What did the people in Egypt call themselves before they were renamed by the Greeks?
  4. How is the word Cush translated in the Bible?
  5. How did people name the lands in Biblical times? List the scriptures that prove your point.
  6. What lands and countries were called the “Land of Ham?”
  7. On which continent were these lands and countries located?
  8. Who were the inhabitances of the Land of Shinar? What other name is Shinar referred to in ancient literature?
  9. Where is the Isle of the Gentiles located, today?
  10. What are other names for the “Land of the Blacks”?
  11. Name the sons of Noah and where did these sons reside?
  12. Name the four sons of Ham and where did these sons reside?
  13. What city and nation was Apollos from?
  14. In Chronicles II, which Black African Pharaoh does YHWH talk to and what does YHWH say to him?
  15. What African nations are prophesied about in the book of Jeremiah?
  16. In the Book of Acts where was Simeon and Lucius from?
  17. What are some of the ancient names for Africa? What are some of the biblical names for Africa?
  18. What do these ancient African names mean?
  19. What names did the people of Africa give themselves?
  20. What does the name Mizraim refer to?
  21. List at least four (4) areas of knowledge and understanding of life in which the Egyptians were proficient?
  22. List at least three (3) of knowledge the Egyptians mastered with their technology that we have not built or duplicated with our so-called advanced modern technology?
  23. List at least two (2) Black kings whom YHWH spoke to, who were not Hebrew?
  24. What Black king had the Law of Moses at least 400 years before Moses was born? Explain how you think this king received these Laws of YHWH?
  25. What Classical African nation was righteous at the time of Abraham? Give a Bible verse to support your conclusion?
  26. To what land does the name Phut or Put refer?
  27. List at least three (3) Black African Cyrenians in the Bible?
  28. Did the Europeans bring the gospel (the good news) to Africa or did the Black Africans bring the gospel to the Europeans? Indicate at least one (1) Bible verse which supports your response?
  29. List at least two (2) Black African prophets and teachers in the New Testament?


Chapter 3

  1. On which continent was the Biblical Land of Ham located?
  2. What nation was the first official Christian Nation on the planet?
  3. Which son of Noah was the Queen of Sheba descended from? Which empire did the Queen of Sheba rule?
  4. On which continents was the Cushite Empire located? How far did the Cushite Ethiopian Empire extend?
  5. What are two (2) other names for the Jews of Ethiopia?
  6. Who was the Queen of the South?
  7. Why is the Ethiopian eunuch reading the book of Isaiah?
  8. Why is the Ethiopian eunuch, found keeping The Feasts of YHWH?
  9. How could the Ethiopian eunuch read the Old Testament which was written a Canaanite dialect called Hebrew?
  10. What is the Ethiopian eunuch’s position and title?
  11. The Ethiopian Jews trace their lineage back to the union of which two (2) people in the Bible?
  12. According to European kings, queens and the Ethiopians, where is the Ark of the Covenant?
  13. How did the Ethiopian Jews receive the Ark of the Covenant?
  14. Who created the first civilization and kingdom after the Great Flood (Post-Diluvian period)? Where was this kingdom located? To what nation did this man belong?
  15. What names were given to this first civilization, in the Post-Diluvian period (after the flood)?
  16. What is another name for Babylon?
  17. American soldiers were fighting in the Hindu-Kush Mountains during the 21 st century. What countries are the Hindu-Kush Mountains located?
  18. How massive was the extent of the Cushite Ethiopian Empire?
  19. Who renamed Cush? What names are given to replace Cush?
  20. In what Authorized Versions of the Bible do the Europeans refuse to translate Cush correctly?
  21. What are the plans of the New World Order for us?
  22. List at least two (2) Black African kings who worshipped YHWH?
  23. List at least two (2) more Black kings who made decrees for the benefit of YHWH’s people?
  24. How did the Failing of the Money at the time of Joseph affect the people? What were the people finally forced to do, so they could stay alive and eat?
  25. How will the One World Economy planed by the New World Order affect us today?
  26. What day according to YHWH’s calendar did the Market drop to its all time low in terms to percentage?
  27. How has this Economic Melt Down, affected our economy since October 9, 2008?
  28. Is America as wicked as Nineveh was during the days of Jonah? Are we being judged by YHWH for our wickedness?
  29. Will you allow YHWH to use you to save your people from our mis-education?
  30. How will you help us out of our present day dilemma and mis-educated condition?
  31. Does the Anti-Christ hate or likes Black Africans, African Americans and People of Color?
  32. What historical events prompted the Anti-Christ attitude toward Black Africans, African Americans and People of Color?

Chapter 4

  1. What land and continent does the Bible speak about the most?
  2. Which one of Noah’s sons was the most energetic in advancing civilization?
  3. Which one of his sons was in every scientific and scholarly way, more advanced than his brothers by at least 2,000 years? What race and color was this son?
  4. What areas of civilization and education were Black Africans most proficient in?
  5. Who were the grandfather and father of Canaan?
  6. The Egyptian art work is the closest thing that tells us what color the people were in the Ancient World. What color was the Egyptian and the Canaanite races portrayed as, in Egyptian art work?
  7. The kingdom of Canaan was called the Land of milk and honey. Why?
  8. List at least five (5) prominent nations which dwelt in the Land of Canaan?
  9. List at least another five (5) prominent nations which dwelt in the Land of Ham and Classical Africa?
  10. What language was the Old Testament written in?
  11. What dialect was the Old Testament written in?
  12. What country did Abraham come from? What language did Abraham speak?
  13. What ancient language, is Hebrew considered a dialect of?
  14. What Black African Canaanite nation’s name was changed to Phoenicia and Phoenicians by the Europeans, in an attempt to conceal the fact that his brothers were the ancient Black African Egyptians and Ethiopians?
  15. Who did Solomon communicate with in Tyre when he wanted to build a temple?
  16. Which King of Tyre built a house for David?
  17. Name two (2) famous Sidonian and Zidonian queens who ruled Israel?
  18. Which Zidonian or Sidonian is an ancestor of the Messiah?
  19. Who fed Elijah the prophet when he was hiding from King Ahab and Queen Jezebel?
  20. People teach that Ham was cursed. Is this teaching true? If not, who was really cursed? List the scriptures which offer proof of your answer.
  21. Why do people confuse the curse of Canaan with the curse on Ham?
  22. Has this curse been fulfilled? If so, when was it fulfilled?
  23. Was the USA Slave Trade ordained of YHWH? Was it a trick of the devil used by racist to enslave Black Africans?
  24. Was the USA Slave Trade punishment by God? If not, why was the USA Slave Trade created and by whom? Could tradition and/or racism have a part in the USA Slave Trade? What do the majority of churches teach concerning the Curse of Canaan/the Curse of Ham? Is the church’s position on the Curse of Canaan, correct? During the slave trade was it taught and justified in America, Europe and throughout the world that slavery was the will of God? Did the European churches create this myth to punish Africans for ruling parts of Europe during the Dark Ages? Who eradicated this out of the history books? By whom was this myth taught and justified? If taught by churches and schools, who created the curriculum for the churches and schools?
  26. What is the relationship between Ham and Hamathites, who became the Samaritans?
  27. Where was ancient Samaria located?
  28. What did the Messiah think about the Samaritans? What did the Jews think about the Samaritans?
  29. List at least two (2) noteworthy Samaritans found in the New Testament.
  30. What did the Messiah tell the Samaritan woman at the well about himself?
  31. What does the “Living Water” that the Messiah gave the woman at the well represent?
  32. Should we ask to receive this living water, the Messiah gave the Samaritan woman at the well?
  33. Did she do anything spectacular after receiving this “Living Water?”


Chapter 5

  1. The Bible documents many Hebrew and Israelite men marrying women from other nations. Name three Black Classical African nations the Hebrews and Israelites intermarried with?
  2. How many Hebrew Israelites went down into Egypt with Jacob?
  3. How long were the Hebrew Israelites held in Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylon captivity?
  4. Abraham had how many wives?
  5. Abraham had two sons, name the children and their mothers? What was each mother’s nationality? What were the children’s nationalities?
  6. Why was Abram’s name changed to Abraham? What is the main name that was added to Abram’s name? What does this added name mean?
  7. Who was the father of the Edomites?
  8. Who was the father of the Hebrews?
  9. Which nation of people fathered the Arab people? Who originally inhabited Arabia, because they are the father of the Arabs?
  10. What are the names of Joseph’s two sons? Who was Joseph’s wife? What religion was she? What was her nationality? What nationality was Joseph’s sons’?
  11. What color does the Bible tell us David was? Give me two scriptures that support you position?
  12. To what country and/or continent did the Israelites flee when trouble came upon them? Give me at least four (4) biblical situations that support your position?
  13. With who did the Hebrew people intermarry in the Old Testament: Japheth’s children or Ham’s children? List at least seven (7) examples.
  14. From what nations were the three wives of Esau?
  15. Jacob had how many wives? List their names and nationalities?
  16. How many of Jacob sons and tribes were Black African Hebrew Israelites? List those tribes.
  17. What nationality were Ruth and Rahab the harlot, because through their lineage the Messiah was born?
  18. What complexion were King Saul, David and Solomon? Identify at least three (3) or four (4) scriptures that validate your answer.
  19. What nationality did Moses pass for all of his life? What connection did this nation have with Black Africans?
  20. What are the names of Moses’ two sons? Who was Moses’ wife? What religion was she? What was her nationality? What nationality was Moses’ sons’?
  21. When the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, what land did Jeremiah the prophet flee?
  22. What continent and nation did the Messiah and his entire family flee to, after the Wiseman left Jerusalem?
  23. Do you see a pattern of where the Hebrew people flee, when faced with disaster or famine? List at least two (2) incidents when one or more Hebrew families left the Land of Canaan to dwell in another part of Classical Africa.
  24. Where did the Hebrew people flee most likely, after the destruction of Jerusalem was accomplished in 70 AD by the Rome armies? Give us intelligent reasons why you think this is true?

Chapter 6

  1. From which country did Simon and Nathaniel (Bartholomew) come from?
  2. Cyrene was the chief city of what North African country?
  3. Why is Egypt, called God’s people in Isaiah 19:18‑25?
  4. When did Christianity first come to Africa?
  5. In which verse of the Bible does Paul describe himself?
  6. Paul was mistaken by a Roman solider as what nationality?
  7. Why are there, so many Black Madonnas’ in Europe?
  8. Who ordered the Council of Nicea to convene?
  9. The man who was forced to carry the cross for Yeshua (Jesus) was from what continent, country and city?
  10. Who was Candace of Ethiopia?
  11. How long have some Ethiopians been following the Messiah?
  12. Name at least two (2) Black disciples? Explain why you know they are Black.
  13. List the nationalities of the leading Hebrews that disputed with Stephen. What scriptures verify your answer? What color were these people?
  14. Yeshua (Jesus) told a woman that she had “Great Faith.” What was her nationality? What color was she?
  15. What nationality was the Apostle Paul mistaken as? What color was he? Give at least two (2) reasons from the Bible?
  16. What mixed nationality was Yeshua (Jesus)? List at least two (2) scriptures which give proof of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) color? Give three (3) lines of reasoning which make his nationality obvious.
  17. List at least five Black Africans in the linage of the Messiah.
  18. In the early 1 st centuries AD, Europeans painted and sculptured the Messiah as a man of color. List the European countries which treasure these works.
  19. Which Madonna images are considered to be the most ancient and the most authentic?
  20. What country in Europe has over 300 Black Madonnas with child replicas?
  21. List at least two (2) Black African nations whose citizens were converted on the day of Pentecost.


Chapter 7

  1. How did the children of Israel redeem their brethren at the time of Nehemiah, the prophet?
  2. How can we “redeem” our brothers and sisters today?
  3. During the Dark Ages, what nation of African people served YHWH while the European world fell into Great Apostasy?
  4. Does slavery exists today or is it a thing of the past?
  5. List at least five (5) nations that still practice slavery today?
  6. According to Oliver North, what organization is bringing illegal drugs into the USA?
  7. What plan does the government have for us under the New World Order?
  8. List at least five (5) Executive Orders that can be implemented under a National Emergency?
  9. Did you know that an economic crash on Wall Street can constitute a National Emergency?
  10. What day in 2007 did Wall Street reach its all time high, just to reach its all time low on the same day one year later?
  11. What date according to YHWH’s calendar did the 2008 Economic Melt Down start, just to peak on the Day of Atonement?
  12. How will persecution affect us in the Last Days? Give both the positive and negative aspects. Offer at least five (5) scriptural references as proof for your response.
  13. What characteristics does suffering for your spiritual walk reveal in your character?
  14. What must we do to prepare for the coming crisis that is just ahead?
  15. What lessons can we learn form the African Holocaust?
  16. Do you think it is safe to be in the big cities of today? Explain why?
  17. Do you think it is important to learn trades today? Explain why?
  18. Do you think it is important to get a good education?
  19. Do you think that we are near the end of this age or world? If so, what plans are you making to be ready for this event?
  20. We have been in an economic recession for a long time. Could this push us into a Great World Wide Depression?
  21. When will the trials and tribulations of People of Color in America and around the world end?
  22. How is our spiritual character perfected?