True Education vs Mis-Education in Our Communities and Its Effects on Our Society

Below are Listed the Sub-Titles on the CDs
with its Abstract, Objective and Content.

The Mis-Education CD Set are two CDs for $17.00

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Sub-Title to Sample 5 Minute Sections
from the 1st CD Disk

1. Introduction to Accreditation
a. Propaganda
b. American History from different prospective

2. Whose Book is it? Part 1
a. Different prospective continued (example of African slave & Master)
b. If ancient book is found ‘Whose book is it?’
c. Who’s right is it to claim & interpret the book?
d. What about the people who wrote the book!
e. True Interpretation! Scholars of other people’s material
f. Is the Bible (old & new testament) a Christian Book?
g. Claiming that which is not yours!

3) Whose Book Is It? Part 2
a. Who are the authors of the book?
b. Who was the book written by?
c. Who was the book written to?
d. Who was the book written for?
e. Who are the people of the Bible?
f. Classical Africa the cradle of civilization

4) Holistic Education
a. True Education
b. Is the Bible a religious book?

5) This is my Body, but God has his Laws
a. Doctor please!
b. YHWH’s Laws!
c. New Testament or Old Testament?

6) The New Covenant
a. Hebrew 8:8-11
b. African Culture

7) Tools of Indoctrinated
a. Images
b. Euro centric View Point

8) Please Wake Up
a. Propaganda
b. Illusion
c. Matrix
d. Ten Virgins

9) Are we in a State of Unconsciousness?
Subliminal Seduction

10) Propaganda Part 1
a. To think or not to think
b. Brain Washing
c. Attitude creation
d. Are we Free or not?

11) Propagation Part 2
a. Slave and Master
b. Slavery of the mind
c. Mis-Education
d. Propagation of the Faith

12) Propaganda Part 3
a. Propagation of the Faith
b. The Moors
c. What happened during the 15th & 16th Centuries?

13) The Work of Propaganda
a. The Crusades was it a Religious Wars or Race Wars?
b. African Contributions wiped out
c. History Re-Written
d. What is the Authorize Version?
e. Propagation of the Faith

14) The Schools and the Media
a. Create Attitude
b. Mold Behavior
c. Move someone to action
d. Is this the Sorcery found in Revelation 18:23?

15) The War of Ideas
a. Images
b. Symbols
c. The Law to be Brain Washed

16) Accreditation

The 2nd CD Disk to this Set has Even More Topics and Sub-Titles

1. Psychological-Warfare?

2. Post-Dramatic-Trauma?

3. Are-we-promoting-our-own-destruction?

4. Can-they-program-us-to-become-inferior?

5. Is-curriculum-important?

6. Are-we-under-attack-or-what?

7. How-deep-is-the-illusion-(rabbit-hole)?

8. How-can-we-save-our-children?

9. How-does-Health-effect-us?

10. Think-about-all-you-heard?


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William Emanuel reveal the purpose in commissioning Hollywood to be the official vehicle for disseminating propaganda in the USA during WWII. He shows how propaganda and institutionalized racism has been used to brainwash the entire American public & to destroy the People of Color Communities including the African-American and the Native American community. Additionally, this CD offers effective strategies for countering this onslaught.


To reveal the insidiousness of propaganda & to describe the process & nature of true education. To provide an African and Biblical Wholistic Educational platform upon which to build positive self-esteem. To acquaint the audience with resource materials & techniques that will aid them in the process of re-educating themselves.


* Documents a short history of propaganda.

* Documents how Europeans & Americans have used propaganda to forge the WILL of entire nations during World War II and beyond.

* Documents how institutionalized racism destroys creativity & creates self-hatred in the African-American and Native -American Communities.

* Shows how the utilization of an African and Biblical Wholistic Educational Teaching Approach can promote positive self-esteem & awaken latent powers of creativity in our youth, adults and children.