Kim Peoples

The day cleanse presented a challenge for me in more ways than one.

Challenge #1:With out Fruit-a-vida
I was forced to listen to my body’s needs and NOT it’s desires I felt myself for the first two days at war with myself over developing STRONG cravings for pizza, Chinese food, and even food I do not even like. My Fruit-a-vida had not arrived yet so I had a semi-bad attitude.

Challenge #2:
Preparing dinner for my family that I could not fully partake in (unless I served salad, which I did for the full 10 days) I started being creative with my raw fruits & veggies to make interesting combinations. I just could not tolerate another boring salad, so I started creating interesting meals for myself for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. When the Fruit-a-vida arrived I took 1 oz. and I could feel it running through my veins and I took another ounce and I was well on my way. Later on that day I felt the burst of energy and by day 2 I was not having Strong food cravings like in my Challenge #1. Over the course of 10 days I noticed I could stay up later and get more done and sleep soundly when I did get into the bed. My appetite was suppressed.

As for weight loss I noticed that I really did not lose pounds but I did lose inches off the waist, and hips and this was without any exercise during the 10 days. My back pains were not as intense and I had no menstrual cramps. I had to switch my Fruit-a-vida dosage to 2 ounces in the a.m. and 1 to 2 ounces in the p.m. as soon as I arrived home from work because I began to feel sluggish in the evenings more so than during the day.

Challenge #3: During the juice days
I would strongly recommend making your own juice with a blender or a juicer but if you are unable then store bought is what you may have to use. I purchased enough juice to last me for 3 days and I became sickly with stomach cramping so on day 3 of the Juice days I delayed my flush for 3 hours and I had no food or drink. I was able to begin the flush at 8:30am and by 10:00am I was doing 110% better. I found some juice bars and had fresh fruit drinks made for me for the rest of the day. I purchased a few large ones and drank them for lunch and dinner. I did not have any more stomach cramps at all.

Challenge #4: The ocean water flush
Oh my goodness, the best time for me to begin this flush everyday was at 4:50 am every morning for 10 days. It took me in the beginning the whole 30 minutes to drink it but by day three I could drink it down in 15 minutes or less. It took the flush 15-30 minutes to process in my body and I was “toilet- bound” for about 25-45 min. In the beginning I spent a lot of time on the toilet in disbelief that all this stuff was exiting out of me and the smell was extremely foul. As the days progressed Toilet time was not as dramatic but from beginning to end it takes my body 1 hour and 15-30 minutes before the flush is complete.(that includes drinking it for 15-30 minutes) This flush is better than a colonic to me. After the flush I can then eat breakfast, take my Fruit-a-vida, and drink water. So scheduling the flush was complicated because if I chose to do it later I had to carve out an hour in a half for the flush before I could do anything. So that is why I did it early in the morning to get it over with and done.

I received the full benefit of results after the cleanse: because I noticed I felt lighter in my weight, body, and spirit. My nails and hair grew more rapidly I was told that my skin was clear and glowing! (I did not see that but others told me even strangers) I could cope better with stress and my day to day activities and I did not have much grueling back pains.

Thank you- K.G. Peoples