Introduction to the Laws of Health

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1. Introduction to Health

2. The 8 Laws of Health

3. Why are Americans so Sick?

4) Violating the Health Laws

5) The Diet Transition

6) Sunlight can Lower High Cholesterol

7) Cancer

8) Genesis Defines the 8 Laws of Health

9) Six Days of Creation vs Six Thousand Years of Re-Creation

10) Our Bodies' Electrical System

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William Emanuel differentiates between the “usual” American diet & a healthy diet. He shows how a healthy diet and lifestyle can help one maintain/ regain good health. Highlighted are various natural remedies proven successful in cases of high cholesterol & cancer, to name a few.


To correct erroneous ideas regarding what constitutes a “good” diet and “good” health. To acquaint people with simple dietary changes which can significantly improve their lives.


* Explains how a raw food diet & oxygen therapies have been used to heal people with cancer.

* Explains how getting proper amounts of sunlight can reduce high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels & also increase one’s ability to handle stress.

* Explains how eating flesh reduces ones life expectance.Why are the new diseases like bird flu and mad cow disease spreading and affecting our health.