Homework 10

  1. The Purpose of the Book People of Color in the Bible is to present the Bible from what view point or approach?
  2. Adam was created perfect for what purpose?
  3. Who else in scripture walked with El-o-him beside Adam?
    a. Because this man walk so closely with El-o-him what did El-o-him do for him?
    b. Will El-o-him do the same thing for us?
    c. Name the group of people El-o-him promised he would do this for?
  4. Are only the New Testament believers saved by grace?
    a. List at less 2 Old Testament believers that were saved by grace and please quote the scriptures?
    b. Did the Old Testament believers have the Holy Spirit like we do today? Please give scripture to support your answer.
    c. If so please list the people and the scriptures that tell you this?
  5. What sin and test, plunged humanity into so much misery, woe, pain and finally death.
  6. Was anyone the Bible perfect and if so please list them with their scripture?
  7. If a person is perfect will they know it? Please give scripture for your answers.
  8. Does El-o-him call us to perfection? What scripture?
  9. What does El-o-him use to sanctify and perfect his people?
  10. Who will be the 144,000?
  11. What will they have to go through to be in that number?
  12. What is Present Truth for this late hour in earth’s history?
  13. What race will the 144,000 be from?
  14. YHWH has set up before every soul what prize?
  15. What is the mystery of Godliness?
  16. Who will allow themselves to become merged with El-o-him or become one with El-o-him which is atonement?
  17. How long have humans been on probation?
  18. What has YHWH has been trying to teach us?
  19. What has YHWH has been trying to develop us into?
  20. What was the 1 st test given to the last Adam and why?
  21. How does Romans 7 relate to our spiritual walk?
  22. Is the person in Romans 7 saved? Why?
  23. How does a person get out of the Roman 7 experience?
  24. Name the type of Laws found in Romans7 and 8?
  25. What part of our being do these Laws relate to?
  26. What has to happen to us, for us to move from Romans 7 to Romans 8?
  27. Is the Law nailed to the cross according to Romans 7?
  28. What is the purpose of the Law according to Romans 7?
  29. What is the Romans 7 person brought into the captivity of the Law of sin according to verse 23?
  30. How does a person know if they are in Christ Jesus according to Romans 8?
  31. John 5:19, 30; 8:28 inform us that the Messiah can do nothing of his own self is the person in Romans in the same situation?
  32. What does it mean that the Messiah can do nothing of his own self?
  33. Did the Messiah give his will over to the Father? Explain.
  34. What is the will of the Father according to John 7:16 – 17?
  35. According to John 6:38 why did the Messiah not do his own will?
  36. What does John 6:57 mean when the Messiah says the he lives by the Father?
  37. What does it mean when the scriptures say that the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in the Messiah bodily?
  38. What was the last test given to humans?
  39. What was the progression of diets given to humans? Please give scripture for your answers.
  40. What was the purpose of each diet given to humans?
  41. What is the purpose of flesh in our diet?
  42. When did El-o-him allow flesh to be part of our diet?
  43. Why did El-o-him give us flesh?
  44. Did El-o-him try to take us off a flesh diet?
  45. When did he do this?
  46. Did we obey or did we complain about this?
  47. What happen to the people who refused and complained to the diet change?
  48. Does the church still have the same attitude about flesh as we did when El-o-him tried to take us off the flesh diet?
  49. Will we find ourselves in the same position as did the people in the wilderness?
  50. Will we receive of the plagues that the Egypt received?
  51. When YHWH introduced flesh into the diet how much did flesh decrease human life?
  52. How any young people followed YHWH’s diet in the Bible?
  53. Were any of them blessed?
  54. What blessing did they receive?
  55. Are these same blessings for us today or does El-o-him have another plan for the New Testament believers?
  56. If you are in school or are planning for a big test what type of diet should you be on?
  57. What type of diet will the 144,000 be on?
  58. What type of diet will prepare us to deal with the mark of the beast and why?
  59. What sins got us into our present circumstances and dilemmas?
  60. Will you fight the battle no matter how many people will try to stop you?
  61. How many bands of demons are you willing to fight through?
  62. How many times we must go through the same trails before we learn the lessons YHWH is trying to teach us?
  63. Are you willing to run the race and to obtain what YHWH is offering us?
  64. What is YHWH offering us for the prize?
  65. Are we willing take hold of the truth and pass over every necessary obstacle with speed?
  66. Are you willing to go through the pathways full of entanglements, snares and traps as our forefathers?
  67. Are we willing not to delay in accepting the Present Truth which will help us make our calling and election sure?