10 Day Daniel Cleansing Program

Drew Smith’s Testimony

On Saturday January the 8th I began the 10 day Daniel fast. Before I began the fast I suffered from sinus headaches, acid re-flux, joint aches, high cholesterol, sluggishness, and a lack of energy. Here are some of the drugs my doctor recommended; Lipitor for my cholesterol, Gaviscon for my acid reflux, and Flonaze for my sinus problem.

The first four days of the fast was difficult for me because I have never attempted a fast at this length, but I knew all things are possible with God and I had a purpose for doing this fast. The fast / cleansing program consisted of eating raw food and fresh juices / organic juices.

After the first three days the headaches ceased, the acid reflux went away and there wasn’t any hunger pains any more. By the time I reached day seven I had more energy, clarity of thinking and felt is though I was literally walking in the spirit.

At the end of the ten days I had none of the previous symptoms. This experience has shown me God’s will in presenting our bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto Him. I highly recommend to any Christian to begin practicing the discipline of fasting / cleansing for the purpose of Godliness.

Note: If you return to your old eating habits the old symptoms will return.