Emergent Leadership:
Building A Shared Vision

Name of Presenter:
Dr. Parson

Professor at Hagerston Community College

Hagerston Community College

Title of Presentation:
Emergent Leadership:
Building A Shared Vision

Audiovisual Needs: Screen & overhead projector.


Having A Leadership Model

- keep your promises
- speak out for what you think is right
- err on the side of fairness
- do what you say you will do

Exhibit Courage

- accept responsibility
- seek truth
- take risks
- stand up for what is right

Take A Stand

- reject cynics
- free others to succeed
- persevere against resistance
- accept responsibility for your acts

Core Values

- integrity
- responsibility
- commitment
- vision


- communicate
- resolve conflict
- be optimistic
- encourage change

Personal Characteristics

- empowerment
- courage
- be an example
- prepare