Alfred R. Jones, D. Mm.
Family Outreach Publications
Pine Forge, Pennsylvania




I The Black Father: America's Most Wanted

II Understanding The Black Male's Rage

III Healing The Black Male's Rage

IV What's Wrong with Being Different?

V Ten Commandments for Husbands

VI Surviving as a Stepfather

VII The Challenge of Singleness

VIII Walking Through the Midlife Crisis

IX Unshackled From Spiritual Slavery



In spite of our pious pronouncements that we are now a color-blind society, the black male's discommodity lives on. As the intended head of the family the absent black father has dealt a devastating blow to the psychosocial and psychosexual development of his offspring. The children pay a heavy price for Dad's physical and emotional absence. The black community is sad without Dad. The first Chapter of this book deals with the crisis of the Black father.

Chapters Two and Three share some hard hitting realities about the underlying causes of his anger, what happens when anger hits homes and how to manage one's anger without taking it out on one's family.

There is no other influence in ones life more powerful than your temperament. That is why it is so essential to know your temperament and be able to analyze other people's temperaments. Chapter Four highlights the importance of appreciating each other's differences of behavior.

Thousands of husbands are seeking ways to enhance their communication skills, strengthen their marriages, understand the needs of their wives, and add more stimulation and excitement to their marriage. Chapter Five provides ten windows of hope in brighter marital tomorrow.

Too many men are becoming step dads with too little information about the blended family. Chapter Six will help you to win your stepchildren and will appeal to you to give up the myth that might equals right.

Society has laid on us the concept of the "Noah's Ark Syndrome." Unless you're paired, you haven't "arrived" yet.

"Everybody who is anybody is married." No, Chapter Seven advances rational reasons why it is OK to be single.

The midlife transition is inevitable as we advance in age. The midlife crisis can be prevented if we understand who are the candidates for it and relax some of the self imposed demands to be a "man." Chapter Eight invites its readers to hang loose.

Men have been sorry for negative behavior or poor decisions. Some have regretted their marital choice. Some hate their jobs. Others detest their family dysfunction. Some are sorry they didn't finish college. But never in the history of the world has any man been sorry he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Men have been very sorry they robbed, stole, damaged others, but never sorry they decided to follow the Man. Men have pinched themselves that they were drunkards, addicts, liars, perverts, or jerks, but never sorry they cast their ballot for the high road. No one has ever come to his death bed with eternity staring him in the face and cried out I'm sorry I followed Christ, my Lord. Chapter Nine explains that the only way out of spiritual slavery is through Him who said "I am the Way."