College Scholarships

Name of Presenter: Angelica Braestrup

Organization: Stellar Community Fund, Inc.

Title: President

Title of Presentation:
College Scholarships


Angelica Braestrup is the founder, president and manager of the board of the Stellar Community Fund, Inc. a newly formed non-profit public charity.

Because of the recent articles in the newspaper concerning Hagerstown Community College and the difficulties encountered by minorities and Black students in particular the Stellar Board unanimously in just the past week to target this problem with a 2nd Stellar outreach

She started the Stellar Community Fund, Inc. to address some of the problems evident in her own local community; The Stellar Fund itself is mandated to provide scholarship help at the college level. She takes special care with all her potential applicants helping with the paper work, with finding the right program, with locating additional funding sources, etc. She is also interested in maintaining the relationship, taking an individual, for example, from a high school summer camp through college and beyond. On occasion, an individual will lead us to an involvement helping more that one family member.