I dedicate this book to my grandmother, the late Nola McCord, who just recently died at 94 years old. I am writing these words in her honor and to acknowledge the fact that our forefathers have greater vision and foresight in many areas of life than we have. She and my mother Lillian Alleyne have been involved in the work I have done over the years with the brothers and sisters who make up The People of Color Training and Research Institute. This group of brothers and sisters reached out to our community in many ways. Nola McCord and Lillian Alleyne not only pushed the work forward with their support but also with their financial means. This reprint is due to their support. They sponsor young people and adults to attend The Manhood Training Retreats every 3 rd weekend in April, since 2001. Their financial support has been a wonderful contribution to the book and video ministry, which include but is not limited to: 1) The Children/Beginners book and video series entitled: People of Color in the Bible Old Testament Collection for Beginners, 2) Last Days Events and the New World, 3) People of Color in the Bible Series for Adults and Young Adults and 4) Ten Days Cleansing Program.

Thanks to Faith Community Center who helped me see the light as I struggled to search for the truth as a young Black male in USA. They gave me a foundation on which to build my spiritual walk. I grew up in Faith Community Center and I now have been allowed to build my ministry as a continuation of their ministry from my youth.

Thanks to many who have played a special role in my life. Renee Emanuel, who persevered through many sleepless hours in proofreading and who lovingly and patiently, tolerated my many nights away in preparation of this work. She directed the Watuis Ministry of which came the Children’s People of Color in the Bible, Old Testament Collection. Thanks to the many Bible Study Groups who over the years assisted me in the collection of reference books and screened my material before it was published: 1) Howard University, 2) Washington DC, 3) Prince Georges (PG) County Maryland, 4) Scottsboro, TN, 5) Huntsville AL, 6) Frederick Maryland, 7) Pine Forge PA, 8) Schuylkill Haven PA and 9) Reading PA. Most of the people in these Bible Study Groups are pictured in the back of this book under biographical sketch. I am grateful for their prayers on behalf of my family. Some of the members of the Bible Study Groups in DC and PG County include: Renee Emanuel, Linda Black, Joyce E. Jackson-Makhathini, James Griffin, Carolyn Ford, Sandy Spears, the Holland family (Curtis, my cousin and his wife Pat), Clarence White, the Jackson family (John and Helen), the McKinney family (Clifton and Michelle), Charlene Marks and the Downes family (James and Diane). Curtis Holland, who is exactly a month apart in age from me, became my close cousin as we grew up in the streets of New York City. He challenged me to study this most important topic. My dear friend through thick and thin, James Griffin, encouraged me to publish my findings and to let the world know what the Bible has to say about People of Color in the Bible . He helped me with my series on Last Days Events and is one of the leaders for the Manhood Training Retreat. Much thanks to Carolyn Ford, for her encouragement and support. And much thanks to Linda Black, my true physical and spiritual sister, who encourage me in my walk with YHWH since the late 1970s.

Special thanks to Pastor Samuel Henderson who licensed me as a Minister in Washington DC during the 1980s. This allowed the Bible Study Ministries to become the organization named the Faith of Jesus Center. The Bible Study Group in Schuylkill Haven and Reading PA formed a church in Reading PA. This placed me in the position of pastor, director, Elder and Minister of the Faith of Jesus Center.

Some of the members of the Bible Study Groups during the 1980s in Frederick Maryland were: The Hall family (Pastor Joan Hall and children), Evangelist Drew Smith, the late Elder Green, the Bruins family (Samuel and Vickie) and the Wilson family (Bishop Lovell, the late Nora, Renee, Pamela, Tammy and Cheryl). Pastor Joan Hall started our second Bible study group in Frederick Maryland in 2002 with her church called Sugar Loaf Mountain Community Church. This group studied the book People of Color in the Bible Series Volume 1 and advanced to editing Volume 2. Bishop Lovell Wilson and Evangelist Drew Smith read the book and are leaders for the Manhood Training Retreat.

Bobby Wilson has been a friend of mine since the 1970s; where we studied about the New World Order and other prophetic subjects. He was daring enough to read this book and investigate if these things were true. After concluding that the wool had been pulled over our eyes and this was the truth, he started championing this cause in Huntsville, Alabama. Many thanks are also extended to Zenobia Seward, a dear friend and Bible student who proofread my book.

I am especially thankful to Elder Lawrance Martin and to the late David Cox for the use of their computers and their expertise in WordPerfect and Freelance. Without these two brothers, I would not have had the resources or the data base to complete this book. Eugene Hunt, for his expert insights in the use of Harvard Graphics, Gilbert Saiz, my graphic artist for the People Of Color in the Bible Beginners Series: books and videos. His graphics laid the foundation for the maps in this book series. Pete Benson, who gave direction for the back cover layout and text; he encouraged me as I prepared my first major presentation at Philadelphia Electric Company for the Black History Month Program, this was my first major presentation. I also thank Pete for his help in producing my video tape projects: 1) Last Days Events and The New World Order and 2) People of Color in the Bible Intermediate Series. Dr. James Momoh, a native Nigerian, encouraged me to write and he provided answers to questions I would have never found in a book. Jim Manigold, another proofreader and faithful Caucasian brother who defended my book and its subject matter even when several blacks failed to understand why this book was needed to be written.

Thanks to my many Amish and Mennonite friends who showed us how to be independent of the world and its system of control. The late Eli Stolitzfus a dear Amish man who joined our Bible Study in Schuylkill Haven PA and church in Reading PA. Elder Luke Martin and family were Mennonites who lovingly embraced us, welcomed my family to their home and community. They allowed the use of their land and taught us to grow food. The Mennonite Community invited me to stay at their homes when I traveled on book tour and a closer relationship was established with the Amish and Mennonite Communities. They encouraged us to create our own school and curriculum for our children and community, which we aggressively did. Thus the doors were opened for the establishment of The People of Color Training and Research Institute (POCTRI), whose mission is to educate people of all ages. Its first students made up the Bible Study Groups and eventually our children made significant contributions to various activities of POCTI: 1) Manhood Training Retreats, 2) Mathematics Tutoring Programs and 3) Black History Month Programs. Jabari Emanuel, my son, writes plays and music which give direction, hope and purpose to our young people. Rehema Mope, my daughter, works with other students to help write reports for school. Njeri Emanuel, my daughter, assisted with providing exposure about nursing education to the community during our Black History Month Programs.

Special thanks to A. Tehuti Evans and Dr. Cain Hope Felder, two scholars, who dared to challenge the establishment and write the Introduction and Forward, respectively. Tehuti is an Egyptologist and consultant to my two books People of Color in the Bible Volume 1 and Volume 2: Repairing the Breach of the Past: Restoring and Raising up the Foundation of Many Generations. Dr. Felder is a Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Howard University (HU) School of Divinity in Washington DC and Director of the Biblical Institute for Social Change (BISC) at HU. He allowed me to make a presentation to his organization BISC on People of Color. He also allowed me to make a presentation to his Revelation class at Howard University on the subject entitled: “God’s Prophetic Time Table Revealed Through The Sanctuary Services.” I fully appreciate these two scholars’ help and encouragement, elevating me to the next level of my future projects on Last Days Events and People of Color. They have suggested these materials be used as curriculum for primary grade levels through university to fill some of the missing gaps in history and true education.

To my grand father, the late Curtis McCord, my dad, William Thomas Victor Emanuel and my other grand mother on my father’s side, the late Beatrice Emanuel, I appreciate and cherish all the love and security they have provided me even from my earliest days. I give thanks to the various prayer groups who beseeched YHWH in my behalf and a very special thanks to the One for whom I owe my life, My YHWH and Savior, Yeshua the Messiah.