One-World System Coming

"Willing or not, ready or not, we are all involved... The competition is about who will establish the first one-world system of government that has ever existed in the society of nations. It is about who will hold and wield the dual power of authority and control over each of us as individuals and over all of us together as a community....


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  "Our way of life as individuals and as citizens of the nations; our families and our jobs; our trade and commerce and money; our educational systems and our religions and our cultures; even the badges of our national identity, which most of us have always taken for granted - all will have been powerfully and radically altered forever. No one can be exempted from its effects. No sector of our lives will remain untouched." -Malachi Martin, The Keys Of This Blood, page 15, 1990

U.N. Summit Ready For New World Order

Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS - Leaders of the Security Council nations were in New York today for their first summit, ready to place the United Nations at the center of a new world order and forge a common policy on peacemaking and arms control....

The gathering of leaders of the 15 Security Council nations marks the first time since the founding of the world organization in 1945 that the council, the most powerful U.N. body, has convened at the highest level.
-The Birmingham News, January 31, 1992

Religion And Politics

(Pope John Paul II) "insists that men have no reliable hope of creating a viable geopolitical system unless it is on the basis of Roman Catholic Christianity."
-Malachi Martin, The Keys Of This Blood, page 492, 1990



More wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of religion than any other cause, perhaps all other causes. Countless millions have been slaughtered in the name of God, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Christ-for thousands of years, Christian killing Jew, Jew hating Mt~slim, the Muslim against Hindu, Christian fighting Christian, Shuite versus Sunni, Sikh against Hindu, endless rivers of blood, supposedly shed to rid the world of evil men and make way for peace.

Is it possible for people of varied faiths and cultures to live at peace in this world? When one considers the fragmentation and division even among Christians or the never ending conflict between Palestinian and Jew, prospects for peace seem dim indeed. Some, aware of the dark record of history, would abolish all religion-some would combine all religion!

Today something unmatched in history is taking place. Leading statesmen and religious leaders are proposing a New World Order, a plan that many sincerely believe can bring peace on earth. A unity is envisioned that will transcend instinctive barriers that have long separated cultures and religions.

Significant progress toward a New World Order is seen in the spirit of ecumenism or togetherness now being urged by prominent religious leaders. In the ecumenical plan, basic theological or ideological differences are set aside while emphasis is instead placed upon those elements common to most religions.

Could the long-desired universal peace be just around the corner? Is it actually possible for men to forge a lasting peace on the anvil of compromise? Or, could it be that we are naively forging, not a New World Order, but rather the One World Order of apocalyptic prophecy?

While controversial, it is not the purpose of this publication to disparage or attack the honest convictions of sincere persons whatever their politic or faith. Its purpose, rather, is to bring out facts and principles which have a bearing upon coming events. It reveals the hidden agenda behind the New World Order and the Ecumenical Movement that almost no one dares to discuss. But these issues must be freely discussed, for those who know history, know "history repeats." As Winston Churchill once observed, "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see."


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