Golden Keys
Black Family Relationships

"God's Formula For Love"

Doris M. Ewell Jones, PhD
Family Outreach, Pine Forge, Pa.

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Family Operational Rules
God's Formula for Love
God's Ten Step Formula for Love
Practical Precepts for Black Family Relating
God is Love
Golden Keys to Black Family Relationships
Poem: God's Message to Me
God's Acts of Love
In the Beginning God


Poem: Ten Principles of Love
All This and Happiness Too
I. Love the Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart
Worship the Lord Thy God of Love
II. Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self
Love One Another


I. God and He Alone Is Creator, Lord, Worship Him
II. God Cannot Be Limited to a Person, Image or Idol
III. Reverence and Exalt God's Holy Name
Poem: In the Name of the Saviour
IV. Keep the Sabbath. Day Holy
V. Treat Your Mother and Father with Love and Respect
VI. Love Life, Protect Life Refuse to Kill
VII. You Should Practice High Moral Standards
Poem: True Love Never Fails
VIII. Do Not Take What Belongs to Another
IX. Give A Truthful Honest Report About Your Neighbor
X. Be Happy for the Blessings of Others-Avoid Envy
Poem: Youth Rap On Life, Hear Ye



The purpose for God's Formula For Love is to assure each reader of God's love for each of us; to increase our understanding of the carefully planned set of principles and guidelines that were given us; and to help us realize that God's commandments were given to His children to provide a safe context for their advancement within the limits of God. Our keeping of God's principles for living demonstrates a way to show our love for Him and shows our appreciation for the sacrificial death of God's only Son Jesus. Part A deals with family interest and precepts.

Part B, the first Two Acts of Love given by GQD to man, describes the act of creation and the act of redemption as a measure of adjustment. The preliminary Section 1 describes God's historical acts of love, beginning at creation and culminating in the downfall of Adam and Eve due to their lack of faith and trust in God, and their act of sin. Section 2 gives adjustive guidelines for the ensuing drama and the plan of salvation. The introductory Section 3 explains the rationale for needing commandments and principles for living. The first four commandments describe our relationship to God, and the second six commandments describe our relationship to our friends and neighbors.

Part C deals with the ten commandments and their meanings as they relate to Christians today. Each chapter deals with a successive commandment by first stating the commandment of concern in modern language. The second page states the commandment as given in the King James version of the Bible, along with two or more short interpretations of what the verse means. The following pages of the chapter discuss the positive and negative connotations of each successive commandment in a essay format, prose or verse.

All of the practical precepts that govern relationships can be summarized in one concept - love. God the Father is Love. He has given us His formula for love which has ten golden keys or precepts to help us form stable loving relationships. The first four golden keys were summarized as the great and chief commandment-to love the Lord your God with your whole heart, soul and mind. The second set of six commandments were summarized as our duty to others with whom we relate - We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. The person who loves God and his/her neighbor has fulfilled the law (Romans 13:8). The spiritual climate of the family, its cultural background, socialization methods, interpersonal relations are greatly influenced by the way we love God, ourselves, and others. For instance, black families who accept God's formula for love are less likely to feel powerless and hopeless even in the face of poverty, racism and oppression.



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